5 Treatments for Dark Circles in Men

Some people think that only women are conscious of dark circles. However, men themselves join women in the search for dark circle treatments. Since the texture of a man’s skin may differ from that of his counterpart, several treatments were made exclusively for them. However, in many causes, treatments for dark circles in men may just be the same as those used by women.

Treatments for Dark Circles in MenCauses of Dark Circles

Before digging deeply into treatments that men may use in order to treat their dark circles, you have to look into what causes it. Allergy and nasal congestion, for one will aggravate the problem. Add to this, you may also consider genetics, age, pigmentation problems, alcohol, smoke and fatigue as culprits to the problem. These causes then need to be treated and the treatment options include the following:

Treatment #1: Antihistamines

You may be curious at why antihistamines are included in men’s list of choices for dark circle treatments. Consider the fact that allergies may actually be one of the root causes of the problem. Antihistamines, preferably those recommended by doctors, will help steer clear such problems. These will then help get rid of allergies at the same time remove or reduce dark circles.

Treatment #2: Saline Solutions

Saline solutions were actually made for nasal congestion. We would like to reiterate that nasal congestion is yet another culprit to dark circles. By using a saline solution then to clear your nasal passages from anything that blocks it will result to reduction and prevention of dark circles. A saline solution is usually a mixture of salt and water that is later on sprayed on the nostrils or nasal passages for clearer breathing.

Treatment #3: Potato Slices

Dark circles in men may also be solved using home remedies. Cucumber slices are popular but a variation to that is using potato slices instead. What you need to do is slice a potato (just like you do in cucumber slices). From there, you may place them over your eyes. Leave the potato slice for over several minutes.

Treatment #4: Warmed Gel Mask

Another solution that may work for dark circles in men are warmed gel masks. These ones are made out of a mask that has been dipped in a cup of hot water. The mask usually contains a gel-like substance, that when heated, will feel warm or hot. For treating dark circles in men, you have to make sure that the dipped mask will feel warm and not hot to the point that it will scald your skin. From there, you can leave the mask over your eyes for quarter of an hour, or 15 minutes to be exact.

Treatment #5: Laser Therapy

Men may also experience severe cases of dark circles. In this case, the above-mentioned treatments may no longer work thus it is your task to look for another option. At this point, laser therapy may be your only solution. Laser therapies work by destroying too much of the pigment that translates to dark circles. Several sessions may be needed in this case.

Along the five mentioned treatments for dark circles in men, quick fixes such as cold compress will help. Also, it will be necessary to know preventive measures like making the necessary change in lifestyle to get rid of dark circles. You might have to forget about smoking totally and also reduce alcohol intake until such time you no longer think of having it.

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