2014’s Best Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment Exposed!

Do you think you look older than your age? Have you established the real culprit? Among other things like sagging skin and wrinkles, dark circles just beneath your eyes may be blamed. Yes, these can ruin your look and can make you older than the rest of your colleagues.

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Having dark circles is actually a problem of many individuals. While it is often associated to lack of sleep, there are yet many attributing factors to the situation. One is stress or fatigue that can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Another is poor blood circulation. Well, whatever the real cause is, one thing is for sure. You have to find ways to deal with it.

Start With Homemade Remedies for Dark Circles

Homemade remedies for dark circles are very popular especially to the older generations in your family. Back then, they were not used to using creams over these eye problems. The most popular perhaps is the use of cucumber slices. You simply have to lay these slices over your eyes for at least 15 minutes to get results.

Almond and honey mixture is also very popular. You can create a paste out of these two common beauty components then apply it on the affected areas. From there, you can rinse off the mixture after a couple of minutes or so.

Also, tea bags should be remembered. These can best soothe your eyes when you have kept these tea bags inside the fridge. You may always consider using those tea bags that have already been mixed into your cup of drink.

Next, You Can Resort to Eye Creams

There are actually plenty of options out there. You may consider some of the best ones that we at darkcirclesresearch.com have ranked for you. Take a look at the following options:

Top Rated Dark Circles Under Eyes Creams

# 1Elite SerumratingRating: 5 / 5

Elite Serum has become world-renowned for it’s ability to alleviate eye wrinkles, but did you also know one of the three signs of aging it’s known for treating is also dark under eye circles?

Dr. Mark Weis, MD recommends this product above all anti aging products for its ability to attack multiple signs of aging, including dark circles. Using a powerful blend of peptides important from Europe, Elite Serum’s heavy-hitting ingredient that treats dark under eye circles is called Haloxyl. This ingredient is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area. It does so by possessing a blend of active ingredients with abilities to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments that cause discoloration.

The clinical results ran on this ingredient are outstanding. With 22 females under the watch of a controlled study, each applied a gel containing 2% Haloxyl for 56 days. The results were staggering – a mean improvement was reported at 70% reduction in dark circles. This test was conducted by a computerized measurement of color parameters in a highly controlled setting. The best part about Elite Serum is that it has over a 3% concentration of this highly potent ingredient.

As one of a handful of powerful peptides in the Elite Serum, it’s no wonder the product was profiled in a Plastic Surgery Publication, mentioned in Skin Inc Magazine, as well as endorsed by a famous anti aging Doctor. Another ingredient in the product, Argireline, was praised on the Dr. Oz Show in 2012. Skin Pro, the parent company of Elite Serum, has used Argireline in their laboratories since they started research in South Florida in 2008. Along the way, Elite Serum, their flagship product, has become a top seller on Amazon.com, a smash success at DermStore, and is rapidly making it’s way onto the shelves of anti aging clinics and luxury spa’s.

A dark circles cure that will treat all visible signs of aging, there is no better anti aging treatment for your eyes than Elite Serum.

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# 2 Revitol Eye Cream rating

This cream is very popular simply because it was created by one of the best known names in the cosmetic world, no less than Revitol. Revitol’s eye cream work on three important things that may mess with the eyes, dark circles included. Together with this problem, it also gets rid of eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. With this said, you get to hit not just two birds with one stone; you hit three.

The ingredients in Revitol Eye Cream make it work so well on your dark circle problem. Consider the natural blends that make the skin soft, smooth and supple as well. One of the most important ingredients to remember is N-hydroxycicinimide as it is that component that works in dark circle reduction.

Other ingredients included in the product are Niacinamide, a vitamin-B by product that is said to help with moisturizing the skin. Then, there is Chrysin, a flavonoid whose main task is to reduce skin pigmentation that causes dark circles. This is the same component breaks down hemoglobin that might lead to this eye issue. Also, you will find Bisabolol in the pack, one that calms the skin while reducing puffiness and soothing tired eyes.

The eye cream works effectively. In fact, you can consider the process by which you use it and then take note of the fact that you will see results in no time at all. The process of application is twice a day around the eye area.

Benefit wise, you will actually be able to obtain a lot from Revitol Eye Cream. One obviously is it reduces dark eye circles working like no other cream in the market. In a matter of weeks, you will notice the results you want when it comes to lessening dark circles. Add to that the fact that you will no longer be disturbed by under eye bags, another pesky problem on your eyes. Not to forget that it was also made to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. In total, you get eye rejuvenation like no other, without having to visit a dermatologist.

What makes this product very wonderful is the fact that it is only sold for $39.95 for one month’s use. This is considered price-wise simply because you get not just dark circle reduction from using the product as it promises to solve all problems that may prevent you from having radiant eyes.

Get your own Revitol Eye Cream experience now.

# 3 Eyelasticity rating

Just like Revitol Eye Cream, Eyelasticity offers an age defying therapy for the eyes. This said, you will be able to eliminate dark circles and reduce the formation of fine lines and crow’s feet with your use of this product. The product offers collagen and elastin production and also fights off wrinkles. You may also get a string of benefits from the active ingredients found in this product.

What makes it quite lagging behind from that of Revitol Eye Cream is the fact that it costs more for a month’s supply at $59.95. Nonetheless, you can still try it.

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