4 Supplements for Dark Circles

Hereditary factors and lack of sleep are not the only contributing factors in developing the skin condition, dark under-eye circles. It is vital to know that even the nutrients that go inside the body would be playing an important role. There are some dietary supplements that are capable in counteracting deficiencies of nutrients leading to the dark under-eye circles. On the other hand, others are supplying nutrients that are supporting the collagen and blood vessels around the eyes which are healthy. Discuss with a health care provider about any health conditions you have and never forget to mention the medications being taken prior to the start of having schedules for supplements. Also, you may consider the following supplements for dark circles.Supplements for Dark Circles

Supplement #1: Iron

The Daily Mail article in the on line February 2007 edition, noted that the dark under-eye circles may be caused by lack of iron or iron deficiency. Also, it causes the skin to become paler which further results to make the under eye shadows to be more stand-out. Approximately, 3% of men and 20% of women lack iron. Moreover, those who are in greater risk for lacking the mineral iron are the pregnant women. On a daily basis, men should have 8mg of iron and 18mg of iron for women every day. It is important to talk with a medical expert regarding the optimal dosage first prior to the intake of iron supplement in order to avoid overloading of iron. This is most essential to women or men past the age of reproduction.

Supplement #2: Vitamin B9

Dark circles are also reduced by the help of folic acid or vitamin B9, more of it. Vitamin B9 is very essential in making or maintaining the eyes and skin healthy. On a daily basis, an adult would need approximately 400mcg of vitamin B9. Vitamins B6 and B12 would make a great tandem with vitamin B9 for the B vitamins together work as group. Usually, supplements contain the whole complex of B vitamin.

Supplement #3: Vitamin C

Dark under-eye circles appear whenever the under-eye blood vessels became dilated and weak. Another thing that may increase the appearance of shadows under the eyes is the thinning of the skin caused by collagen loss under each eye. The intake of vitamin C helps in combating the dark under-eye shadows thru blood vessels strengthening and supporting and maintaining the health of collagen. Adult people require daily helpings, but it varies by gender. Adult women require 75mg everyday while men need 90mg also on a daily basis. However, men and women who smoke would need more than 90mg or 75mg every day, respectively. Dosage of vitamin C for smokers should be provided by a health care provider.

 Supplement #4: Grape Seed Extract

The website DailyGlow.com OPC or oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes are antioxidants contained by grape seed extract. The website says that these antioxidants are supporting blood vessel health and are capable of helping the dark circles fade. The strong effect of this grape seed extract on the blood vessels enables the latter to aid in the legs chronic venous insufficiency. Experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center noted that such extract protects collagen. UMMC experts suggest that for vascular health, one would take at least 300mg every day. If one is taking anticoagulants such as warafin, a discussion with a medical expert should be done first before the use of grape seed extract.

These are but some of the choices you have when it comes to treating dark circles. Apart from these supplements, you may resort to other remedies.

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