Iron Deficiency and Dark Circles Relationship Explained

Jane Clarke, a UK-based nutritionist says that iron deficiency anemia is one familiar cause for having dark under-eye circles. Let us then know about the relationship between iron deficiency and dark circles through the succeeding paragraps.Iron Deficiency and Dark Circles

Lack of Iron

In order to manufacture hemoglobin, the presence of iron is very much needed. The function of the mineral iron is to carry oxygen to the cells. One may experience various symptoms if his/her level of iron drops to very low. Anemia is not only indicated by dark circles under the eyes. However, if dark circles are accompanied by dizziness, frequent bugs and colds and fatigue, there is an immediate need to check the levels of iron and to have a complete blood count which is of course directed and performed by a physician. More likely, women would have iron deficiency anemia due to loss of blood during menstruation. Another thing is that, most women undergo diet by which they avoid eating food high in calories preferring calorie-restrictive diets lacking vital nutrients like iron.

Good Sources of Iron

Beans such as black beans, kidney beans, lentils and chickpeas, so with eggs and lean red meat are excellent sources of dietary iron. Other good sources of dietary iron are seaweed, dark leafy green vegetables, spinach of course, and soya products. Only that, the body should be able to absorb them and be able to use the iron. It means that these sources of iron should be bioavailable. It is mostly tough trying and getting all the iron from pure vegetables. Jane Clarke says that vitamin C helps in the absorption of the body of iron coming from vegetables. Intake of vitamin C supplement would be a good tandem of vegetables.

Ignored Causes of Dark Circles

Allergy is one of the ignored dark under-eye circle causes. Pollen causing eyes to be itchy and other allergens cause one to rub the eyes more frequent than one should. Not so often, food allergies which are not detected are capable of contributing to dark under-eye circles. There is no scientific evidence to back this up though.

One Sad Fact about Aging

As an individual reaches age, there is a loss of texture and skin tone and in general, the eyes are the first sign. What make the dark circles more prominent from the folds are the bags. The dark circles effect is lessened by the lifting of the bags through the use of cosmetic procedures.

Every skin condition is treated and watched by a dermatologist. Since the dark under-eye circles is a skin condition, consulting a dermatologist is the best first way to try and battle it. Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, a skin expert, says that after wrinkles which ranked the first in the most common patients’ complaint, the dark under-eye circles came second. According to him, the top most reasons why there are dark circles under the eyes are excess pigmentation and prominent blood vessels in the area under the eyes. Both treatable skin conditions are the eczema and dermatitis which causes the excess in pigmentation. Dr. Benabio, also advised, like every dermatologist, to wear sunscreen daily and avoid overexposing the skin to the sun’s dangerous Ultra Violet Rays.

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